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Renée Healion Appraisals           & CT Appraisal Review

Renée Healion, SRA, ASA has been finding value in Eastern Connecticut for over 25 years. I serve New London, Windham, and Tolland Counties, and some contiguous towns in Middlesex and Hartford counties.

I offer clients a full range of residential appraisal and appraisal review services, with appraising historic residences a specialty.


Renée Healion, SRA, ASA has performed appraisals and consulted for legal matters and provided expert testimony in Connecticut courts. Courts, attorneys, and private individuals have relied on our appraisals for marital asset settlement and probate matters, as well as personal financial and estate planning.


Institutions rely on my appraisals for such purposes as lending, employee relocation (ERC), and portfolio due diligence.


Some sellers and their agents prefer to order an appraisal in anticipation of listing a property for sale. Cash buyers similarly benefit from an independent appraisal.


As equity builds, some homeowners seek removal of mortgage insurance premiums. Lenders often suggest homeowners directly engage the independent appraiser for PMI removal applications.


Crumbling concrete foundations are an increasing concern in Eastern Connecticut. Homeowners and appraisers, please see our page for information on this critical issue affecting real estate value.

Your appraisal needs will be promptly met with local expertise, state of the art technology and consistent attention to detail. Please call or email to discuss your appraisal needs.




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