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Agent or Appraiser: who do you call?

Call a real estate agent for informed marketing advice.
Call a real estate appraiser for an independent, impartial, supported value opinion. 


Many people ask real estate agents and brokers for free valuations. 


Agents may provide marketing and pricing opinions but the result is not an appraisal.


Connecticut law requires that anyone providing an opinion of real estate value must be licensed as a real estate appraiser.


State law allows exceptions to the appraisal license requirement for agents and brokers only when they are providing market information to a client, or when in pursuit of a seller listing for sale or lease or a buyer representation contract. 


(source: Connecticut General Statutes Section 20-501(a) which says opinions of real estate value may only be conducted by a licensed appraiser, and Section 20-526 which allow real estate agents and brokers the specific above exceptions) 



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